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AWP 2015

If all goes as planned, I will be at AWP in 2015. Bring on the book fair and awesome offsite readings!

Be sure to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. If I have money, then I may or may not buy you a beer.

On Being a Semi-finalist

Between Black Lawrence Press, Gold Line Press,  iO Poetry, and Alice James Books, I have been a semi-finalist in book and chapbook competitions a total of 5 times. While I am extremely grateful for being a semi-finalist, it is admittedly bittersweet to come so close and not win. But as my friend and mentor Richard Greenfield told me when I asked what to do next, I must keep sending the manuscripts out! I believe it’s only a matter of time and revision…

…BLP has to be tired of me by now!


Hording works…

I find myself hording unpublished books and chapbooks. I don’t wait for my collections to be published before I write new material, and now I am finding that my “books” are accruing in my Dropbox account. They nag at me, asking to be free from the confines of my computer/mind.

Book Review Preparation

I’m halfway through reading Marie Calloway’s what purpose did i serve in your life (Tyrant Books) and I have several ideas on how to write my review for Puerto del Sol. This is a good thing, but I want to do the manuscript justice as I undoubtedly expect to see other reviews which will likely be considerably harsh due to the book’s focus on sex and disclosure.

I’m interested to see how others will review the collection of stories, and interested to see which directions the reviewers go. I plan to adopt a method in which I see Calloway’s speaker as a character and not the extension of a writer seeking fame–a frequent online response to Calloway as a writer. I don’t feel that it is my place as a reviewer of a manuscript to speculate on whether or not Calloway writes her stories for Alt-Lit street cred or for artistic purposes (whatever the hell that is defined as).