The Publishing Scene

So I’ve stepped away from writing as much as I used to in the last few years, and I think it’s because I’m tired of the whole scene–paying to submit, trying to be popular, trying to get published, writing what people want versus writing what I want, seeing people bash each other on social media, seeing people boast on social media, and so forth. It all gets a little tiresome. It got me thinking–maybe the pressure we writers put on ourselves is unnecessary and painful. Maybe it’s time to just enjoy life instead of participating in the writer’s rat race. I will still write and still finish my recent project, but this time I think I will do it for me–not for the praise of the internet and the ego-building.



I am about 12 pieces away from finishing my Tin Man chapbook… wish me luck! My goal is to send it out by January…

Where to go next.

I’ve been writing more reviews lately, which is nice. I am looking very closely at my own creative writing and I have some prospects, but sometimes I prefer to be a reader. I think that’s okay. We have these pressures to always be publishing, but maybe–just maybe–we don’t stress ourselves out.


With a peaceful (sometimes arduous and sad) 2017 behind me, I’ve been able to regroup and begin new material. Last year, I had plans to do a lot, but life got in the way and told me to relax, and so who am I to question the universe? Now in 2018, I have been able to submit more work, which is nice. Here’s to all good things on the horizon. More of my work should be available this year (fingers crossed to the gatekeepers that be!).

A much needed break.

Sometimes writers just need a break, and I had mine. It was nice to not worry so much about writing and to just live my life. I feel like I am in a good place to resume my creative works, so here goes nothing!


With so much in flux this year, writing is more important than ever. I’ve given myself many goals, and they must be met. Like many writers, I hope to be proactive and productive this year–so maybe I need to chill out on the video games 🙂

Best of luck this year, fellow writers. See you in DC for AWP.


The Book Jacket!


Hello everyone! I am very excited to present the book jacket for Blood Eagle! Keep in mind that this is subject to change, but everything is looking great! Many thanks to Nick Courtright from Gold Wake Press, who is awesome in case you didn’t know. Blood Eagle is due out just in time for AWP (near the end of March).

Blood Eagle full cover trial crop.jpg