AWP 2015

If all goes as planned, I will be at AWP in 2015. Bring on the book fair and awesome offsite readings!

Be sure to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. If I have money, then I may or may not buy you a beer.

On Being a Semi-finalist

Between Black Lawrence Press, Gold Line Press,  iO Poetry, and Alice James Books, I have been a semi-finalist in book and chapbook competitions a total of 5 times. While I am extremely grateful for being a semi-finalist, it is admittedly bittersweet to come so close and not win. But as my friend and mentor Richard Greenfield told me when I asked what to do next, I must keep sending the manuscripts out! I believe it’s only a matter of time and revision…

…BLP has to be tired of me by now!

Hording works…

I find myself hording unpublished books and chapbooks. I don’t wait for my collections to be published before I write new material, and now I am finding that my “books” are accruing in my Dropbox account. They nag at me, asking to be free from the confines of my computer/mind.